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The staff of DanGrid is working with several Danish and international windmill parks at sea as well as on land. DanGrid’s many years of experience designing windmill parks and our technical focus on each individual task, characterize our great knowledge within this field and within power engineering in particular. This includes turbines, station plants and power connection.

DanGrid advise Dong Energy Wind Power

Our experts are providing technical consulting service and all power calculations for connection and planning/design of windmill parks together with demonstration of national “Grid Compliance”. This also includes e.g. MV cable design, earth circuit plants, station and electric coupling plants as well as power transformers, etc. Focus is always concentrated on coordination and requirements from the TSO/net company national and international regulations / standards. Our initial calculations will typically form the basis of our technical tender documents for acquisition of equipment and plant for a complete net connection of the park. We are experienced specialists within the total procedure of all this.

We provide consultancy service within areas as supervision and commissioning of turbines, cable plants, and station plants. Furthermore we provide client consultancy service to ensure our client the right quality in the phase of contracting during production / installation / construction, commissioning, and quality management of vendor specifications.

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We have centralized all our electric engineering competences within consultancy and planning to offer a reliable function as internal consulting engineer for the client / developer of the parks.

DanGrid offers the very best competences within electric engineering consultancy service, as our specialists are always fully updated in the field of electric engineering.