Oil & Gas - energy from the earth's own resources

The staff of DanGrid includes employees experienced in designing power technical offshore installations for some of Denmark’s major players within the oil and gas business. Whether working on major tasks or minor special tasks we are always focused on the best solution.

large oil refinery

DanGrid is familiar with the extreme and heavy demands placed in designing and planning of offshore projects, and DanGrid is capable of being part of the compliance with these demands. Whether it is design, calculations, changes of existing plants, DanGrid knows how to solve the challenges, as we are always aiming at the very best quality solutions.

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We are mainly producing electric engineering consultancy within heavy power and low power installations, generator plants, cable plants, switchboards, transformers and safeguard measures. We are offering damage support, error tracking and testing. For the purpose of this we are producing statistical and dynamical network calculations according to requirements and agreements.